Fortnite player discovers hilariously simple way to counter the Mounted Turret

The Mounted Turret in Fortnite has cause a lot of problems for players due to its over-powered nature.

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Some want changes to the how the item is classified, making it take up a weapon slot instead of a trap. Streamer CouRageJD is even calling for balance changes to the Turret.

However, one clever Fortnite player made the new item look useless, making quick work of an enemy in the Mounted Turret using nothing but a Pickaxe.

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The player, known as ericaugusto_ on Reddit, posted the highlight that involves a close-quarters battle with a Mounted Turret planted.

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The player bounced around to avoid damage, then simply jumped on top of the Turret to melee the enemy while completely out of harm’s way. They then hopped into the Turret themselves to take out the downed enemy.

It does take some skill to jump on top of the Turret however, as demonstrated when a second enemy arrived and tried to pull off the same strategy, but was quickly melted instead.

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You may not be able to pickaxe your way to the top of a Mounted Turret, but you might be able to get a high score on our all-new Fortnite quiz. 

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