Edgey’s Trio wins December Chipotle Fortnite Challenge: Final results

chipotle challenger series results

The final Chipotle Challenger Series event of 2020 is officially in the books, with Edgeyy, Cented, and Commandment putting on some awesome performances to take home $30,000 and free burritos for a year.

Chipotle Challenger Series events always bring the biggest names to the battlefield, and this time was no different. From Fortnite superstars like Bugha and Clix, to mainstream celebs like Juju Smith-Schuster, there were plenty of competitors jumping out of the Battle Bus to try and earn their share of the $50,000 prize pool.

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It’s no surprise that the action came thick and fast, with trios putting it all on the line to find the kills and placement points they needed to stand at the top of the mountain, but only one team could walk away with the grand prize and the Chipotle Challenger Series crown.

In the end, Edgeyy, Cented, and Commandment produced a dominating display with 37, 31, 35, and 30 point games to win by a margin of 29 points, with Degen, skqttles, Ajerss taking second place and $15,000 too.

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Chipotle Fortnite Challenge – December results

With eliminations and placements the key to victory in the Chipotle Challenger Series, Team Edgey took a commanding lead from Game One thanks to an awesome clutch from Cented, who found 8 kills for the Victory Royale against the trio that would eventually finish second.

From that point on, Edgeyy, Cented, and Commandment never really looked like relinquishing their lead, posting four 30 point games in total to give them an unassailable lead, ending the tournament with 145 points. Game Three was by far their worst game with 11 points, but given how strong they were in the other four, they could have scored nothing in that game and still won the tournament comfortably.

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A Game Four victory for Team Degen gave them some hope, but their final total of 115 sees them take second and $15,000, a worthy prize for the trio after an impressive showing.

Acorn, Slacks, and Jahq rounded out the top three, earning themselves $5,000 and a year of free burritos for themselves, with their Game Two Victory Royale key to holding off Furious, BlakePS, and Illest who just missed out in fourth. You can view the rest of the final placements below.

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Chipotle Challenger series scores Chipotle Challenger series scores

Chipotle Challenger Series final standings

NFL star JuJu Smith-Schuster was another big name to compete in the tournament, and while his team managed to score three points, it was a hilarious moment that saw the Steelers WR accidentally throw Shockwave Grenades at his teammates that will live in the memories of viewers.

Chipotle Fortnite Challenge format


Up to 1,000 Trios were able to enter into this final Fortnite event of the year. Four massive qualifiers saw the top teams advancing through to the next stage of the competition.

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  • Up to 1000 trio teams
  • Private lobbies for a 3-hour play window
  • Ladder system that allows registrants to play for the whole 3-hour window


From this point on, the top four Trios from each qualifier were thrown into the mix with a bunch of invited teams. Five separate lobbies were lined up for everyone to showcase their skills and put on the best performance.

  • Top 4 teams from each qualifier advance
  • 17 teams of invited talent
  • Private lobby
  • 5-game series

Chipotle Challenger Series Prize Pool

A total of $50,000 was up for grabs yet again. But, that’s not all – as with previous events, the top three teams also secured themselves free burritos for a year!

    • 1st: $30,000 + free burritos for 1 year
    • 2nd: $15,000 + free burritos for 1 year
    • 3rd: $5,000 + free burritos for 1 year