Dr Lupo on Epic Games and “a**hole” cheaters who qualified for Fortnite World Cup

Matt Porter

Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo has vented his frustration at Epic Games and professional players Damion ‘XXiF’ C. and Ronald ‘Ronaldo’ Mach after the duo secured spots at the Fortnite World Cup, despite serving a ban during qualifiers for cheating.

XXiF and Ronaldo finished Week 8 of the World Cup Qualifiers with 91 points in the NA East region, booking a place in the duos portion of the Fortnite World Cup and a chance to compete for a share of the $30 million prize pool.

Many are angry that the duo are allowed to qualify though, as they were banned for 14 days back in Week 3 for working together in solos matches, an offence which Epic Games labelled as an attempt to “undermine the competition.”

Epic GamesRonaldo (left) was caught helping XXiF during a solo World Cup Qualifier.

DrLupo unhappy that XXiF and Ronaldo allowed to qualify

In a series of Tweets posted by DrLupo following the tournament, the Fortnite World Cup caster made it clear that doesn’t believe either player should have been allowed to qualify for the competition after they had been previously suspended for cheating.

“A cheater qualifying for a [$30 million] tournament is a kick in the junk to the integrity of the Fortnite competitive community,” wrote the streamer. “Love or hate the game, this should be unanimously agreed upon. The bottom line – I feel for everyone who grinds their butts off to work on their gameplay, only to get pushed out of qualification by that duo.”

DrLupo also discussed the situation during his Twitch stream, stating that he doesn’t understand why XXiF and Ronaldo had to cheat, and what Epic should do if they are caught breaking the rules again.

DrLupo said: “What kills me is, they’re good players. Why did they have to cheat in Week 3? We would all have been cheering them on now, but they had to fuck around. Fuck man. What should happen if they’re caught cheating again? Full stop ban. Fool me once? shame on me, dude. Full me twice? Go fuck yourself.”

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff then asked DrLupo if he was “ecstatic” to cast the duo, with the caster breaking into some fake casting, describing what he would like to say about the pair at Fortnite World Cup.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my name is DrLupo and today pushing for the World Cup championship are a whole lot of gamers who worked their ass off, and two assholes who don’t deserve to be here.”

DrLupo continued: “These two fucking bots who don’t deserve any of this are playing out of their minds. Lasering yet another player who doesn’t shoot back. How many of them are subs, every single one, we just got confirmation.”

“They pushed into another box, another player with no materials, no ammunition, no weapons, and no dream of doing jackshit except for feeding two players who are sadly good enough to compete but for some reason don’t give a fuck about anything.”

While DrLupo and the competitive Fortnite community may not be happy with the decision that allowed XXiF and Ronaldo to compete and qualify for the World Cup, it seems unlikely that Epic Games will remove them from the tournament unless they are found to be cheating again.

As it stands, both players will head to New York City for the Fortnite World Cup Finals, which take place July 26 – 28.