FaZe Cloak blasts Epic Games for awful Fortnite World Cup scheduling

Instagram: Cloak/Epic Games

Professional Fortnite Battle Royale player Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore has criticized developers Epic Games over their scheduling of the World Cup, as he strives to qualify in both solos and duos.

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Cloak is a very talented player, known for his duo partnership with Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, the ex-FaZe Clan star currently embroiled in a legal battle against the organization. The players are still close though, as Cloak has allowed Tfue to move in with him until the situation is resolved.

However, while Tfue has qualified (twice) for the World Cup’s Solos, Cloak is yet to qualify either as a Solo, or as a Duo with Tfue. On June 1, he tweeted his disappointment in Epic Games over their scheduling.

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FaZe ClanThe duo are regarded as one of the most talented pairings.
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“Just found out E3 pro-am tourney is during the last duo week WC qualifier? Whose bright idea was that LOL @EpicGames,” he tweeted.

It’s clear Cloak feels the clash in scheduling will have an adverse effect on his and Tfue’s chances of qualifying – an issue other duos might not have if they’re not participating in the E3 tournament. 

Cloak is playing with DJ Dillon Francis at the pro-am, while other influencers like Dr Lupo, CouRage and Pokimane also participate with celebrity partners.

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Twitter users had a mixed response to Cloak’s complaints, with one suggesting that they simply “don’t play in the Pro AM?” However, NRG Esports professional Svennoss tweeted his agreement with Lepore, saying that “it just keeps happening, unbelievable”.

Tfue has not commented publicly on the scheduling, and Epic Games have not yet announced any changes to the schedule, or responded to Cloak’s tweet.