Dr Disrespect roasts Fortnite World Cup players for Pump Shotgun complaints

GFUEL / Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale pros following their complaints of the Pump Shotgun being vaulted for the World Cup.

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May 11 marked the first week of World Cup qualifiers without the Pump Shotgun, a weapon that many players relied on for late-game eliminations.

The removal of this gun led many pros to learn a different strategy on the fly but a number of them had a hard time finding something to fill the void.

Epic GamesEpic Games controversially vaulted the Pump Shotgun in Season 9.
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Many pros hit out at Epic Games over the vaulting

Top names in the community, such as Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins lamented the loss of the gun after the qualifiers finished on Twitter.

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Ninja performed poorly during the qualifiers, something that was clear from his very first match, and shared his feelings directly after his stream. 

“Felt completely out of my element and without the pump I froze in 5 fights late game when my combat shotgun would not shoot out of shadow mode.”

Ninja certainly wasn’t alone in feeling lost without the Pump Shotgun, as it was echoed by other players who were doing their qualifiers. 

TimTheTatman said although he plays the game mainly for fun, the late-game zones without the pump felt “awful.”

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Dr Disrespect called them all out

The Doc caught wind of these “excuses” and sent out a clear message to all of the pros – they need to stop their complaining.

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“I’m sick of these Fortnite excuses….”unvault the pump” or “please, I need my baby precious pump shotty”, etc etc,” he wrote. 

He responded to Ninja’s tweet by saying he should have watched some of the Doc’s VODs to learn more about the late-game.

Ninja fans quickly came to his defense and Doc gave them a firm roasting as well.

The Doc moved on from Ninja and then set his sights on TimTheTatman, someone he often has some friendly banter with.

Tim said he’d be able to beat Doc in a 1v1 even if he unplugged his monitor and mouse, something Doc vehemently disagreed with and jabbed at Tim’s weight.

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It was made clear the two were just joking, but that didn’t stop Doc from taking a shot at the Fortnite Battle Royale streamer’s “preschool demographic” which is a common criticism of the community.

One person Doc actually had kind words for is NICKMERCS, someone who didn’t complain about the Pump Shotgun once.

The Two-Time said he was taking some time away from Twitch, but it looks like he is still spending that time interacting with the community, continuing to be the troll that he is.