Ludwig calls out Dr Disrespect with huge $1m wager as hilarious “feud” continues

Dr Disrespect next to Ludwig on YouTube with money behind them.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Ludwig

Ludwig has thrown down a high-stakes, $1m gauntlet at Dr Disrespect’s feet: after the legendary streamer kept roasting him, Ahgren wants to take the Doc on in a 1v1 to prove, once and for all, “who’s the better gamer.”

Two of YouTube’s heavyweight stars could be set to go head-to-head in a high-stakes, million-on-the-line duel, after Ludwig issued the Doc a huge wager.

Dr Disrespect seems to have had YouTube’s newest signing, Ludwig Ahgren, in his sights recently, ribbing the former Twitch star over his name, him being a “five-foot-two gaming nerd,” and more in a hilarious streamer “feud.”

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When he comes up, the Doc makes sure to get Ludwig’s name wrong and pokes fun at his missed awards. Recently, he fired off another barb: “How do you say his name? Lud-widge? He thought he was going to win streamer of the year. His name? Luggage… luggage? I don’t know, Jesus.”

Ludwig has had enough, and hit back with a wager.

“Dr Disrespect,” Ahgren wrote in his Twitter challenge. “Let’s find out who’s the better gamer this week. 1v1. Luggage vs the Doc. Let’s say… $1 million on the line.”

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Warzone throws spanner in Ludwig’s plans

Almost immediately after sending his wager, however, Ludwig was alerted to a factor he hadn’t considered; this week, Warzone ⁠— one of the Doc’s games of choice ⁠— is soon shifting to a new battle royale map for the first time since its 2020 release.

Its release sets the stage for a perfect Caldera duel.

“No shot, this week a new Warzone map drops?” he read from his chat. “Oh, sh*t, can I delete? For the love of god… I don’t want to embarrass myself.”

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Dr Disrespect admits he's hit his Warzone breaking point and may quit completely.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Activision
Warzone has been the Doc’s bread and butter since its early 2020 release.

During his stream, Ludwig also addressed the immense kitty he’d put up in the Dr Disrespect challenge. According to the YouTuber, he wasn’t being serious with the huge million-dollar prize he put up as stakes.

Just like “when Doc says there’s like 30 million in his arena,” he explained, “but really there’s only 30k watching,” Ludwig’s over exaggerating.

“It’s a Dr Disrespect $1 million,” he added slyly. “Saying $1m to the Doc means like $1k instead, by his metrics. And he won’t even reply. Everybody relax!”

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What game will Ludwig and Dr Disrespect play?

As of publication, Dr Disrespect has yet to reply to Ludwig’s huge wager, though it’s surely only a matter of time ⁠— the two-time won’t be able to pass up a challenge.

The only question left is how the 1v1 duel will play out. Ludwig has been involved in the Smash scene for years, but it’s unlikely the two-time will load into a “No items, Fox only, Final Destination” face-off any time soon. What’s more likely is Warzone, though Ahgren doesn’t seem too thrilled by that possibility.

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Dexerto will keep you updated on all the developments for the huge $1 million wager, and whether Dr Disrespect does eventually accept Ludwig’s huge challenge.

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