Dr Disrespect says anyone over 13 playing Fortnite “has a problem”

Brad Norton

In an explosive tirade, Fortnite from his computer but also lashed out at anyone playing the Epic Games title over the age of 13.

It’s no secret that Dr Disrespect isn’t the biggest fan of Fortnite, having called for the downfall of the massively popular battle royale title after the Chapter 2 update.

Despite his opinions on the game, he often forces himself to play every so often during his ‘Triple Threat Challenge.’ In a recent stream however, tensions were high and an unlucky loss was the final straw that led to the game being outright deleted from his computer. To top it all off, he then unloaded on everyone over the age of 13 that plays Fortnite.

In the midst of his novel Triple Threat Challenge that sees the enthralling content creator attempt to claim victory in three unique battle royale titles, Dr Disrespect exploded and hilariously uninstalled Fortnite from his PC.

Throughout a November 6 broadcast, the Doc started his campaign with Fortnite and was battling through lobby after lobby for over an hour before he ultimately reached his breaking point.

Surviving all the way until the final circle with only one competitor remaining, Doc was unfortunately left in an unwinnable position with low HP. As the storm closed in and the final safe zone disappeared, he yelled “that’s a f*cking victory,” after inevitably dying to the storm and finishing second.

“Get me the f*ck off this stupid f*cking game,” he repeated before calling Fortnite a “horrific gaming experience.” With no healing items in hand and the final remaining opponent having built their way to the high ground, there was simply no way for Doc to come out victorious.

“Get it off my computer, I don’t want phoneyness,” he continued as he proceeded to uninstall the game and follow up by unloading on the Fortnite community. 

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    There’s no telling whether Doc will completely remove Fortnite from the Triple Threat Challenge moving forward, or if he’ll reinstall the game later down the line and test his luck once more. Either way, it’s safe to say that Fortnite might be his least favorite battle royale title after this fiery outburst.

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