Dr Disrespect loses it over Warzone 2’s fall damage: “Amateur hour”

Dr Disrespect sat in front of YouTube video with car and Warzone 2 logoDr Disrespect/Activision

Dr Disrespect, once again, hit out at the Warzone 2 devs and said it’s “amateur hour” the way fall damage currently works in the battle royale.

YouTube streaming star Dr Disrespect has never been shy about voicing his complaints about a game, as longtime Call of Duty fans will know. 

The Doc was initially quite glowing about Warzone 2, stating the new battle royale had “great potential,” but a number of issues quickly hundred that. He’s constantly urged the devs to make changes, especially to things he believes ruin the experience for a majority of players. 

Well, after his complaints about the Birdseye perk, he’s now furious about the fall damage and overall lack of realism within the game – something his duo partner ZLaner echoed. 

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Dr Disrespect blasts Warzone 2 devs over battle royale realism

The Doc was left fuming after being eliminated from a game, as he blamed a lack of audio for not hearing the footsteps of the player creeping up on him.

In typical Doc style, he played out a hypothetical argument between himself and someone defending the ‘realism’ of the battle. “Doc, but that’s realistic, you’re not going to hear this guy’s footsteps,” he said in a mocking voice before swapping back to normal. “You’re such an idiot!” 

His duo also noted how players can be knocked while falling but aren’t immediately eliminated when they hit the floor – which would the case if the game was realistic. “Yeah, you can knock people out of the air and they don’t die! Dude, it’s amateur hour over there,” The Two-Time responded. 

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The streaming star has threatened to quit the battle royale on more than one occasion, even lining up Valorant as his potential next game. 

He’s also given a nod to Apex Legends being the “hardest” shooter he’s ever played, and would seemingly like to hit Apex Predator level over there. So, who knows, he might finally switch before long.