Dexerto ULTIMATE Fortnite Quiz #5 – Guess that weapon! [HARD]

Albert Petrosyan

The Dexerto ULTIMATE Fortnite Quiz series returns for its fifth week, and this edition will test you on how well you know the weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale. 

Our weekly themed Fortnite quizzes put your knowledge of the game to the ultimate test with questions that range from very easy to nearly impossible difficulty. 

For this week’s quiz, you will have to rely on your memory and ability to pay attention to the details of each of the weapons featured in Fortnite overs its first seven seasons. 

For each question, you will be faced with a highly zoomed-in image of a distinctive part of a unique weapon and will have to try and figure out which one is being shown.

Be sure to pay close attention to the image and analyze it from corner to corner before answering since there are no second chances if you get the answer wrong. Keep in mind that all of the weapons are fair game for this quiz, which includes both brand new and vaulted weapons. 

Once you have completed the quiz, you will be placed in one of five categories based on the result you have achieved, and this will reveal truly how well you know about the weapons in Fortnite.

Be sure to screenshot your score and tweet it to us @Dexerto, or post it in the comments section of the quiz tweets and feel free to share this quiz with any of your friends and family who play Fortnite.


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About The Author

Albert is a former esports and gaming writer, focused particularly on Call of Duty and content creators. Spending over three years at Dexerto, Albert eventually now works with streamer NICKMERCS and the MFAM group. You can find Albert @AlbertoRavioli on Twitter.