Dexerto ULTIMATE Fortnite Quiz #4 – Guess that emote! [HARD]

Albert Petrosyan

The Dexerto ULTIMATE Fortnite Quiz series returns for its fourth week, and this edition will test you on how well you know the emotes in Fortnite Battle Royale. 

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Our weekly themed Fortnite quizzes will put your knowledge of the popular battle royale to the test with questions that vary from very easy to nearly impossible difficulty.

For this week’s quiz you will have to utilize your listening and memory skills together to answer questions about some of the emotes that have featured in Fortnite over its first seven seasons. 

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Each question includes an audio clip containing either music and/or a sound effect used in an emote and you will then have to figure out which of the four answers is the correct emote. 

Be sure to listen to each sound bite more than once before answering since there are no second chances if you get it wrong. Keep in mind that any and all of the emotes that have ever featured in Fortnite are fair game, including ones from the Battle Pass and Item Shop.

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After you complete the quiz, make sure to screenshot your score and tweet it to us @Dexerto, or post it in the comments section of the quiz tweets. Feel free to share this quiz with any of your friends and family who play Fortnite, so that you can see which one of you is the true battle royale wizard.

*NOTE: If you cannot hear the audio clips in the questions, make sure to check and see if the volume is muted. Playbuzz, the website used to generate these quizzes, can sometimes have the volume mutes as the default setting. 


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