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Courage reveals his plans for TwitchCon’s Fortnite Fall Skirmish event

Published: 23/Oct/2018 15:23 Updated: 23/Oct/2018 15:39

by Matt Porter


Popular Twitch streamer and Fortnite caster Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop is going to have a busy weekend at TwitchCon, as he revealed his schedule for the event on stream.

While playing Fortnite with NICKMERCS, the 100 Thieves streamer asked Dunlop if he would be playing at all during the TwitchCon weekend, to which CouRage replied: “I may as well spill the beans.”

“I’m casting Friday and Sunday,” stated CouRage. “Then I am playing in the Doritos Bowl on Saturday, and playing in the Streamer Invitational on Sunday. I got a packed weekend!”

CouRage will be casting the Duos Competition, which will run through the entire weekend. There are four qualifying heats, with the teams who finish Top 12 based on Victory Royales and eliminations qualifying for the Grand Final that takes place on Sunday, October 28, where players will be competing for their share of the $1.86 million prize pool.

On the Sunday morning, before the Grand Finals of the Duos Tournament, Dunlop will be competing in the Stream-viational, a 100 player solos competition featuring 50 Fortnite content creators, and 50 random TwitchCon attendees, who will battle it out for a chunk of the $750,000 prize.

CouRage will also be taking part in the Doritos Bowl Blackout tournament, which takes place on Saturday, October 27 alongside fellow team captains Ninja, Shroud and DrLupo.

Fans of Dunlop will be ecstatic at the news that he will be competing and casting, meaning that they will get to see plenty of their favourite streamer during the TwitchCon weekend.


When is Lachlan’s Fortnite skin coming out? Epic confirms release date

Published: 30/Oct/2020 17:59

by Daniel Cleary


Popular YouTuber Lachlan Power is the next Fortnite star to be added to the game, and Epic Games have now confirmed just when the upcoming Icon Series skin will be available. Here’s what you need to know.

Since Fortnite first exploded in popularity in 2017, there have been a few streamers and YouTubers who have become known for creating content around the game and bringing the battle royale title to the next level.

Epic previously announced that they would be rewarding some of these stars with their very own in-game skins bundles, and among the few confirmed was Australian YouTuber Lachlan Power.

Logos of fortnite streamers
Epic Games
Lachlan will be the third creator to get an Icon Series set.

When will Lachlan’s Icon Series skin be released?

With the likes of Ninja and fellow Aussie Loserfruit being first to receive skins in the Icon Series, Lachlan is now next in line to receive these new cosmetics.

In their latest blog post, Epic Games confirmed that Lachlan’s Icon Series set will arrive in the Fortnite item shop on November 12 at 4PM PT/ 7PM ET/ 11PM GMT/ 9AM AEST.

“Lachlan is the third creator to join the Icon Series from among the Fortnite community, following streamers Ninja and Loserfruit.” they announced, before confirming the next creator to be added, “Entering the Icon Series next will be Spanish creator TheGrefg.”

Lachlan’s Icon Series set will arrive with a new tournament that players can compete in, to unlock the skin for free. The YouTuber will also be competing in the event and giving fans the first look at the bundle, which includes an outfit, back bling, emote, and a pickaxe.

As of now, little has been shared about the upcoming tournament but Epic has revealed it to be “one-of-a-kind” with more information to follow before the event.

“Been dreaming of this day ever since I fell in love with the game back in 2017,” Lachlan reacted, revealing his excitement for the upcoming skin release, “official reveal of the skin coming soon.”

The official reveal of this skin is currently expected to be shared on November 1, and the next Fortnite star for the icon series will be Spanish star TheGrefg, although it is unclear just when he will receive a skin bundle.