Could underwater Fortnite be coming in Season 7? Fan theory predicts big map changes

. 4 years ago

A Fortnite fan has come up with a detailed theory of what is going to happen over the course of Season 7 – and it includes an underwater portion of the map.

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Season 7 kicked off with a large iceberg crashing into the south west of the map, causing a new snow biome area, where much of the map is locked in ice.

Of course, this ice has to go somewhere, and this Fortnite fan believes Epic Games will have it melt – turning into water and covering an area of the map, effectively flooding it.

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Although this may seem somewhat far fetched – too gameplay changing for Epic to implement – the developers have shown they are not scared to drastically change gameplay for the sake of lore – take the recent Infinity Blade for instance.

The fan theory from u/SneakyParagon is backed by a few interesting features about Season 7 – and even another Epic Games title ‘Subnautica’, which is based in an entirely underwater world.

The first clue is a number of battle pass items which hint at heat, melting and even some aquatic features.

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The theory also highlights the large in-game sun dial, which so far has remained somewhat of a mystery. But perhaps it could play a larger role in events to come, maybe even a clue to the next in-game event.


Finally of course is the clue from Subnautica. Although this game isn’t directly linked to Fortnite, it is currently available on the Epic Games store for free.

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All of this is complete speculation of course, but Epic Games always has big plans for how gameplay and the map itself will evolve over any given season.

With so much ice and snow on the map, it is somewhat logical that it will melt, but flooding a portion of the map would be another step further.

According to this fan theory, you can’t even escape global warming in the world’s most popular video game.

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