Could Fortnite’s ice sphere and A.I.M. skin be linked?

. 3 years ago

A gigantic sphere of ice has appeared in the sky above Fortnite’s Polar Peak, and some believe that it may be linked to the infamous A.I.M. skin.

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The orb was introduced to Fortnite during the V7.20 update on Tuesday, January 15 and fans of the game have already begun to speculate about what it means.

Those who have attempted to get close to the sphere have found their screens covered in ice, however some clever fans have found out the menacing Ice King is inside the ball of ice, perhaps preparing to cast a spell over the Fortnite island.

The Ice King is inside of the sphere above Polar Peak.
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While many ponder about what this sphere means, some Fortnite fans believe that the orb has been hinted at for some time now, and may be linked to the A.I.M. skin, which was the reward for players who completed the Season 6 Hunting Party challenges.

Eagled-eyed players have noticed that the logo on the A.I.M. robot’s parachute from when it landed on the island looks awfully similar to what is expected to take place with the sphere.

Leaks suggest that the orb will explode at some point in the future, and some reckon that the A.I.M. logo represents this, with a globe in the middle and shapes around it that could be seen to be a creative representation of an explosion.

Some believe that the A.I.M. logo represents the sphere exploding.
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Whether these two are actually linked is unknown, but it likely won’t be long before we find out for sure, as weather warnings for the next in-game event have already started to appear on television screens inside the game.

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