Could a new point-of-interest soon be coming to the Fortnite map?

One Reddit user has compiled a convincing theory that points to a brand-new POI on the map involving everyone’s favorite burger joint.

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Fortnite fans are always coming up with theories on what could be next for the extremely popular game, but this has to be one of the most elaborate ones yet. 

Reddit user ‘Inzaine’ is convinced that a new Durrr Burger POI will be hitting Fortnbite in the near future and has laid out a long theory explaining why.

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Everything started when the old Durrr Burger location in Greasy Grove was boarded up after the release of the V6.22 update seemingly in response to an ongoing battle between them on Pizza Pit.

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“Ever since the shutdown of the Durrr Burger in Greasy, the store has been moving by van and competing with a Tomato Truck. Now, a war may be developing between the two,” Inzaine tells readers as a part of this theory.

Pizza Pit and Durr Burger appear to have been locked in a heated restaurant battle throughout all of Season 6.

Inzaine then notes that currently, the two trucks are squaring off at the Soccer Field – where they think the POI will eventually appear – with there being a large number of Durrr Burger advertisements already inside the Stadium. 

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The latest evidence to add fuel to the fire comes in the form of a poll posted to the official Fortnite Twitter on November 12.

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Inzaine also notes, with perhaps the most convincing piece of evidence so far, that a Durrr Burger POI was actually spotted in the game files by data miners.

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There’s no telling when we’ll find out if this theory is correct, but given the speed at which Epic Games releases updates for the game, we probably won’t have too long to wait. 

You can take a look at the full infographic of Inzaine’s theory below:

Reddit use ‘Inzaine’ has concocted a detailed theory on why they think a new POI is on its way to Fortnite.