Clever fan idea to change shotgun hitmarkers in Fortnite would solve aim problems - Dexerto

Clever fan idea to change shotgun hitmarkers in Fortnite would solve aim problems

Published: 21/Nov/2018 13:53 Updated: 21/Nov/2018 14:10

by Matt Porter


A Fortnite fan has come up with a way to change how hitmarkers with shotguns work on the popular battle royale title.

Currently, Fortnite will show you the pellet spread of your shotgun when you fire it, with small red dots in the weapon’s crosshairs highlighting where your shots went after you fired it.

However, it doesn’t actually highlight which of your pellets made contact with an enemy, meaning that while you think you landed every pellet on an opponent, only one might have actually hit an enemy player.

The shotgun is one of the most popular weapons in Fortnite.

Fortnite fan Luckyy___ on Reddit may have come up with a solution to this problem, with a small change to the weapon’s crosshairs that would help you know exactly how many of your shotgun pellets hit.


Any pellet that hit an opponent on the neck or lower would remain red, however any that connected with an enemy player’s head would turn yellow, immediately alerting you to the fact that you had hit them with a headshot.

Any pellets that missed their target or dealt damage to a structure would become grey, indicating that no damage had been taken by an opposing player, while some have suggested a vibrance scale to show the rate of damage falloff for shots that travel longer distances to hit their target.

Lucky___The shotgun’s hitmarker would change color depending on what the pellets hit.

The creator states that while this would help players ensure they were hitting their shots, it would also help Fortnite players recognize any issues or bugs regarding the firing process, as players would be able to see what damage was dealt in comparison to where they were aiming for.


Unfortunately, while this seems like a great idea, there are currently no plans for Epic Games to add this to Fortnite, although the developers have announced significant changes to shotgun balancing set to release in an upcoming patch.