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Fortnite pro explains why he has been so frustrated since the Mounted Turret was added

Published: 21/Nov/2018 10:32 Updated: 21/Nov/2018 11:23

by Ross Deason


It’s no secret that professional Fortnite players and streamers alike have been less than impressed with Mounted Turret ever since it was added to the game, and those opinions don’t look like they’re going to change any time soon.

One of the players that has been vocal about his feelings is Luminosity Gaming’s Ali ‘Sypher’PK’ Hassan, who took to Twitter on November 20 to call for it to be removed entirely.

“The fact that the turret was introduced into the game and is still in the game is very insulting and annoying,” he said, seemingly suggesting that the nerfs the developers have introduced so far are nowhere near enough.


He went on to explain why he is feeling so frustrated, stating: “Usually very positive and try to provide constructive feedback but the only feedback I can give in this situation is to remove it ASAP.”

Luckily for the popular streamer, Epic Games announced yet more nerfs to the controversial item shortly after his comments were made, which include a reduction in the headshot multiplier and a reduction in the time to overheat.

The developers also revealed that they would be making yet more changes in the next patch, update v6.31, so  it would appear that they are taking feedback on board.


The Mounted Turret nerfs continue, but will they be enough?

SypherPK received some criticism from Reddit users for his use of ‘insulting’ during his rant, prompting him to explain that he feels it represents the way many community members have been feeling since the Turret was added to the game (something that Epic may have now rectified with the latest hotfix).

“I used that word as a way to represent plenty of community feedback ignored given by the community as a whole, not streamers, not pro players,” he said. “I’m not entitled to anything but ideally the community as a whole has some expectations.”

Since being added to the game in the v6.30 update on November 14, the Mounted Turret has come under a great deal of criticism from professional streamers and professional players alike, including Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney.


It will be interesting to see how much the by the November 20 nerfs have affected it once players get a chance to adapt to them.