Bugha hits out at Fortnite pro Mackwood for stream sniping ahead of FNCS

Connor Bennett
Bugha and Mackwood side-by-side

Fortnite pros Bugha and Mackwood traded blows on Twitter after the Fortnite World Cup champion accused Mackwood and his trio of stream sniping him in an event. 

Just like many other esports over the last year, Fortnite’s competitive scene has suffered a fair bit as events have been few and between, and there has been a complete lack of LAN events. 

With 2021 getting underway, Epic Games revealed their competitive scene plans for the new year, bringing back the Fortnite Champion Series – FNCS – in a trios format. 

That is slated to start on February 14, and players have been getting practice in ahead of time, though, it has lead to back and forth between pros Bugha and Mackwood after stream sniping allegations were made. 

FNCS Season 3 Solos header art
The FNCS is returning to Fortnite for the 2021 season.

The pair, and their respective trios, competed in an open event on February 12, streaming the action for their fans. 

Bugha’s team were taken down by Mackwood’s at one point, resulting in the Fortnite World Cup champion dishing out stream sniping allegations on Discord. Mackwood exposed the heated exchange on Twitter afterwards, adding: “Why does this f**king trio think we stream snipe them every time we fight them, my god.”

Though, he ramped things up from there, taking shots at Bugha and saying his ego is “insane.” That prompted the 18-year-old to respond, saying: “Yeah, definitely weird for me to assume you’re stream sniping when you do it in every custom with almost every trio I’ve ever played with because your teammate doesn’t know how to let go of a grudge.”

The pair continued their back and forth with Mackwood adding: “This is the craziest s**t ever, just because your favorite streamers yells stream sniper doesn’t mean we are stream sniping,” and saying he had proof. 

That prompted a response from Bugha who noted that even if they didn’t stream snipe in the open event, it seemingly happens on a regular basis. “I just don’t understand why u do it all the time in scrims and then feel harassed when we call you out for it in-game? That just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Screenshot of tweets from Bugh and Mackwood
The pair went back and forth for quite a while.

Mackwood further defended himself with a clip of the moment in question, showing how the fight had come to happen, and further claiming that he wasn’t stream sniping. 

Even though Bugha dropped it afterwards, and sent some good vibes ahead of the FNCS starting, the respective teams will likely come head-to-head again at some point soon. 

Whoever comes out on top will have some bragging rights, even if the allegations continue.

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