Benjyfishy and MrSavage Fortnite wagers end with heartwarming surprise

Brad Norton
Fortnite artwork / Fortnite players Benjyfishy and MrSavage

[jwplayer ESyDssxd]Fortnite superstars Benjy “benjyfishy” David Fish and Martin “MrSavage” Foss Andersen thought better of pushing for the wager-match win during a recent stream, instead, opting to give a fan a heartwarming memory.

Benjyfishy and MrSavage stand out as two of the most popular Fortnite icons around the world. They both have massive followings and have become known for competing at the highest level possible. 

Despite being some of the fiercest competitors, they’ve also turned into fan-favorite content creators. They often stream everything from practice to official matches on their respective Twitch channels.

On July 13 the squad hosted a series of friendly 3v3 wagers alongside German pro LeTsHe. Most of these matchups were extremely sweaty as avid fans did their best to topple the pros. As a younger group came into the mix, however, the elite players went out of their way to secure their first loss of the day.

Things started out as an ordinary showdown, with ‘buildfights’ taking up huge chunks of the custom game space. While some players held back from giving it their all, MrSavage amusingly kept up the pace. “You just got clipped, that’s going on my montage,” he joked after winning a round.

Before long, however, the trio was all on the same page. They stopped trying to properly duel the young fans and instead, wanted to give them a memorable win. As the rounds went by, the opposing team got more and more excited. Cheering as they downed some of the most popular names in all of Fortnite.

In the final round, it came down to MrSavage with just a sliver of HP. Instead of pushing for the montage clip this time though, he played it differently. “You have to make it look convincing,” LeTsHe said as their plan came together.

MrSavage intentionally missed some shots, jumped off his build, and in a split moment, lost the game for his team. “You guys beat us,” Benjyfishy repeated. It took a few seconds to sink in but the kids soon expressed their excitement. “Benjy said that we beat them,” one of the young players explained to his parents. 

BenjyFishy smiles for the camera at the Fortnite World Cup
These kids can now brag about holding a win over World Cup competitors.

They all adorably said “thank you” to the popular streamers before the wager challenge moved on. “I’ll keep you added so maybe we can play some games later,” Benjyfishy said.

While it was all over in a matter of minutes, beating some of the top Fortnite pros is a memory that could stick with those kids for years to come.