Bugha & Dakotaz hit out at “brainless” Fortnite devs over Marauders

Connor Bennett
Marauders in Fortnite against a night background.

Top Fortnite players Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf and Brett ‘Dakotaz’ Hoffman have vented their dismay at having their games disrupted by the Marauders NPCs, with Dakotaz calling the devs “brainless” for introducing them. 

Even though the Fortnite battle royale mode is all about player vs player combat, over the different seasons, Epic Games have added NPC characters to throw an additional threat into the mix. 

With the start of Chapter 2, Season 3, the groups of Marauders descended on Fortnite to deal damage to players. The groups have different types of enemies – some who prefer to do damage up close, and those that stand at range and hit players with their deadeye abilities.

Though they can be pretty harmless at times, players have been getting incredibly annoyed with the NPCs – with some, like Dakotaz, even deciding to just quit out of games instead of being taken down by them.

Marauders running around in Fortnite
The NPCs make Fortnite players lives hell when they get aggressive.

Dakotaz had recent games ruined by the disruption of the Marauders, with some pushing him while he was healing in a house. He was even sniped out of the air by another group which caused him to vent. “This is so bad. How do they think that’s a good thing?” the streamer asked while waiting for a new match. 

“I’m not even angry, I’m just baffled at how they even think that’s a good thing in the game. Dude, some of these devs are brainless, I’m telling you man.” Dakotaz also noted that the NPCs “aggro you too heavily” as they don’t care about the distance between you and them.

He isn’t alone in his criticism though. A compilation from DailyClipsCentral compiles reactions from others too. Fortnite World Cup champion Bugha called them “dumb” after being pushed by a group. “Why are there Marauders in the game?” he asked after being eliminated by the Marauders. “Like, why is my entire game griefed because they spawn on me?”

Bugha also labeled them as “annoying” given that he’d waited for half-an-hour to find a game, only to be eliminated by the NPCs and not an actual enemy. 

Given that NPC enemies were brought back into the mix with the start of the previous season and given a big part to play, it’s unlikely that Epic Games will be getting rid of them anytime soon.

Players will have to follow the lead of others and try their best to avoid the enemies.