Avatar Waterbending Mythic in Fortnite is basically “bringing water gun to a gunfight”

John Esposito
Avatar Korra mythic gameplay in Fortnite

The Waterbending Mythic is now in Fortnite, and it’s being blasted by players for how underwhelming it is to use in the game.

Fortnite’s latest update sees Avatar finally join the battle royale with the latest hotfix. Players can now unlock Avatar Korra via a bevy of quests and catch a glimpse of our frozen hero from the original series.

Along with Korra’s arrival, the new Waterbending Mythic is in the loot pool. As the name implies, players can equip it to shoot water-based projectiles, capturing the series’ magical techniques and arts.

However, as soon as the Waterbending Mythic arrived, it’s been blasted to smithereens by the community. In a clip shared to the Fortnite subreddit, a player bluntly stated, “The new Waterbeding Mythic is so bad,” as they lost a fight in seconds with none of the projectiles landing.

Players were quick to share similar stories of how the Mythic failed them, particularly due to the projectiles not connecting at all. Others shared how underwhelming it was due to its base 20 damage dealt upon hitting your shots.

One player jokingly replied: “Fishstick is a fish so a water attack is not going to do a lot of damage.”

It turns out the Mythic itself was seemingly bugged, as confirmed by Fortnite’s Status account on Twitter/X. A fix has been deployed since then, yet it doesn’t address the underwhelming nature of the new Mythic.

“The Mythics this season suck,” one player said, capturing a shared somber community sentiment. With the season underway, hopefully, additional Mythic introductions see a bit better balancing to please the Fortnite community.

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