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All Junk Junction Chest Locations for Week 5, Season 5 Fortnite Challenge

Published: 9/Aug/2018 12:08 Updated: 9/Aug/2018 13:14

by Calum Patterson


For Week 5 of Season 5, Fortnite Battle Pass players will need to search for chests in Junk Junction, so we’ve put together a quick map to show you all their locations.

Junk Junction is one of the smaller named locations in Fortnite, so there isn’t a lot of ground to cover thankfully, meaning finding all seven of the required chests should be straightforward enough.

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Thanks to the handy Fortnite Chests website, the locations of all the chests in Junk Junction are readily available.

Of course, not all these chest spawns will be there every single match, so it may be necessary to make multiple trips, in order to snag seven needed for the challenge.


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The challenge doesn’t require you find all the chests in a single match, so simply head to Junk Junction a few games in a row and you should have the challenge done in no time.

You’ll need to be wary of other challengers though, and Junk Junction will become a more traffic-heavy location for this week.

As long as you land at Junk Junction right off the start of the game, and are capable of fighting off other opponents, it shouldn’t take too long to open seven chests.

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You do need to play the match out to completion though, so either get eliminated or try to win the match. If you drop out of the game early, it may not count towards your progression of the challenge.


This challenge is not classed as hard so you’ll only get the standard XP reward. There are three hard challenges each week which will reward you with double XP, which you can find here.