Some Android Users Are Already Playing Fortnite on Android Thanks To Leaked APK

An APK for Fortnite on Android has been leaked, allowing some players to play the game on their Android devices before it has officially released.

Fortnite on Android has been a much anticipated launch, following the popular battle royale game’s release on iOS devices earlier in 2018.

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Epic Games confirmed that it would be coming to Android ‘this summer’, but then it all went a bit quiet, leaving Android users scrambling for any info they could on when they might get their hands on it.

This long waiting time has perhaps lead to some impatience, and thus users are using an APK to download Android Fortnite before it’s release.

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Posted on a ‘FortniteLeaks’ sub reddit page, users on a variety of Samsung Galaxy phones have been able to download Fortnite onto their device, and then play by joining the lobby of a player on another platform.

Because there are no Android servers yet, this is the only way for Android players to get into a live game currently.

An APK (Android Package Kit) file is essentially an installation file used on Android phones to install apps, and leaked versions of unreleased apps are common, but not always safe. Pirated and stolen versions of apps are often released via APK’s.

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Fortnite on Android
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The first gameplay of Fortnite on Android surfaced recently, but it is expected to be released as a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 exclusive when it first launches, for 30 days.

It is expected that as a pre-order bonus for the new phone, you will receive 15,000 V-Bucks, and possibly even the recently leaked ‘Galaxy’ skin, which many believe will also be exclusive to Note 9 users.

Once Fortnite Mobile does launch on Android, it will not be available through the Google Play store, as Epic have announced that the game will be distributing to users via its own installer.

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