Ali-A & SypherPK steal the show in Lachlan’s $10,000 Fortnite fashion final

Connor Bennett

After baiting Lachlan into giving them a spot in his Fortnite Fashion Show finals, Ali-A and SypherPK teamed back up and took their routine to a whole new level to bag themselves the top prize in the $10,000 event.

With Fortnite Chapter 2 lacking in updates and new content from Epic Games, YouTubers and streamers have come up with the idea of fashion shows. As the name suggests, these content creators give fellow players and fans the chance to show off their Fortnite cosmetics in a chance to claim bragging rights.

Perhaps the biggest to date has come from Australian YouTuber Lachlan as he ran a $10,000 fashion show that even had qualifiers. One team of qualifiers, Ali-A and SypherPK, managed to make the grand finals in surprising fashion but they took things a little bit more seriously when the big money was on the line.

Fashion shows let Fortnite players show off their vast collections of cosmetics.

Recapping his and Sypher’s glory, Ali-A uploaded a highlight video of the event – showing off some behind-the-scenes footage of the pair coming up with their routines in order to win.

Going back and forth between the rounds, the eventual winning duo told a story using their skins, emotes, and even in-game items – keeping the spooky theme from their qualifying entry that saw Ali-A turned into a witch and back again. 

In the end, even though they’d taken the lead for a few rounds, the pair had to go all-in in a head-to-head decider with another team. Keeping with the theme that got them there, they told another story about a witch and her jelly monster sidekick – blowing away the judges and the competition.

Even though he and Sypher took home the top prize, Ali-A revealed that he wouldn’t be keeping it for himself – deciding to split it between the other finalists as he “never entered for the money.”

However, he and his partner will always have bragging rights, especially as they didn’t put all that much preparation in before the show got underway. What will they do next? Will they defend their crown? Only time will tell.

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