Ali-A reveals secret Fortnite “pets” coming soon

Daniel Cleary
mushroom Pets in Fortnite

Popular YouTuber Alastair ‘Ali-A’ Aiken has revealed that secret in-game “pets” could be on their way to Fortnite following the latest map changes.

Epic Games are known for introducing plenty of new features and items to keep Fornite fresh since the battle royale’s initial release in 2017.

The Fortnite developers are now seemingly looking to add some in-game pet mushrooms, which can be found around the map, after the feature was initially teased at the end of Chapter 2, Season 2.

mushroom in weeping woods fortnite
Fortnite’s mushrooms might soon be able to transform into pets.

Ali-A explained, in his latest video, that the July 28 map changes revealed new mushrooms that had been hidden underwater and claimed that they could be transformed into pets.

“The biggest thing I’m seeing almost no one talk about is a big secret that’s being revealed in wailing woods,” he added, “at the end of last, Chapter 2, Season 2 for just a few hours, Fortnite added in a brand new thing, people like to call it a pet.”

“You’ve got to awaken it by dancing near it. It will then come to life basically and then you’ve got to feed it 100 wood and it’ll become your pet mushroom,” the YouTuber continued.

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He explained these pet mushrooms also have their uses, later revealing footage of when they were briefly tested in-game and shared that they could help restore your shields.

“This thing will then go ahead and start following you around, as you can see by his shield, boosting you up two shields a second, this thing is honestly pretty OP,” he admitted, sharing a look at the mushroom.

However, the “pets” can also be reset if they receive enough damage, go into the water, or if your character gets out of range, forcing you to reactivate them for more shields.

The unusual pet mushrooms can be found all around the Weeping Woods POI, with quite a few spawning near Deadpool’s old hut from Season 2, although you are currently unable to interact with them.

As of now, it is unclear when they will fully arrive in Fortnite but Ali-A has claimed that they could be arriving in one of the next map changes or “silent updates” in the coming weeks.