Ali-A reveals hidden Vending Machines ahead of possible Fortnite return

Daniel Cleary
Ali-A and Fortnite vending machine

Popular YouTuber Alistair ‘Ali-A’ Aiken has revealed hidden Fortnite Vending Machines under the map, hinting that they could finally make their return in Season 3.

[jwplayer ibznrzc6]Fortnite offers plenty of choice when it comes to selecting the right weapons and gear in the early game, with more items constantly being added, such as the new Charge shotgun and Flare Guns that have been introduced in Season 3.

Currently, most of the in-game loot can only be found on the ground or in chests, though Epic has previously introduced Vending Machines where players could choose between the items they needed the most.

Fortnite character looking at vending machine
Fortnite’s vending Machines could be making a return in Season 3.

Vending Machines were first added to Fortnite in Chapter 1, Season 3 and would spawn at random points around the map, allowing players to swap out a portion of their materials for weapons or a consumable.

They were removed following the battle royale’s massive ‘The End’ event, which kicked off the second Fortnite Chapter, but YouTuber Ali-A claims that the Vending Machines might soon return after uncovering some hidden under the map.

During his July 1 upload, Ali-A revealed some of the “hidden secrets” that Epic Games has left in following the latest updates and shared a short clip of one of these machines underwater.

Topic starts at 9:15

“These things have been found under the map, I believe in The Shark and several other locations since the start of this season,” he explained.

He followed up adding that other players have also seen the Vending Machines glitch onto the map at long distances or during Fortnite’s replay mode in Chapter 2.

Ali-A also claimed that. with all these clues, it is possible that they could finally return in Season 3, “I’m sure they must be ready to finally come this season because they’ve just been sitting there, waiting to drop them, and vending machines have been gone for ages now.”

However, Epic Games has yet to confirm whether or not they intend on adding the popular feature back, meaning that Fortnite fans will have to wait a little longer to find out for themselves.