Aim-botter takes out Dr DisRespect in his own $20,000 Fortnite tournament - Dexerto

Aim-botter takes out Dr DisRespect in his own $20,000 Fortnite tournament

Published: 9/Nov/2018 21:43

by Albert Petrosyan


There is nothing more frustrating than running into an aim-botter in Fortnite Battle Royale, which popular streamer Dr DisRespect was harshly reminded of recently.

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On November 8, Dr DisRespect and Team SoloMid streamer ‘RealKraftyy’ partnered up to compete in the first-ever running of the $20,000 Code Red Fortnite tournament, a competition that the Doc himself had organized in collaboration with BoomTV and EsportsArena. 

In round three of the tournament, which was the WInners Bracket semifinal, the pair were wiped out by a single player during a gunfight at Pleasant Park.

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The player hit some pristine shots to first down the Doc and then followed up by annihilating Kraftyy, who was trying to build up and protect his teammate. 


The shots that were hit were so pure, that both Doc and Kraftyy could do nothing but react incredulously: “What? No! Are you serious? Ummm, he literally did not miss a shot on me while I was gliding. Like actually didn’t miss.”

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However, a closer examination of the sequence in replay mode revealed that the enemy player’s shots were a little too perfect, and it quickly became clear that cheating and unfair play was involved.

The clip below shows the hacker’s character moving in an exaggerated fashion as his aim drags seamlessly from player to player. 


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Wile this situation may not have been the only factor in the Duo’s eventual loss, it was clearly enough to be a major distraction that threw off their concentration for the remainder of their matches. 

The Doc and Kraftyy ended up losing their round three match, and were dropped down to the Losers Bracket, where they also lost and were eliminated, finishing the tournament tied for 5/6th. 

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