Fortnite Conspiracy Theory Suggests the Map Might be Flooded and It’s Pretty Convincing

Calum Patterson

Any avid Fortnite fan will remember all the speculation about meteors hitting the map and destroying tilted towers ahead of season 4, and now a new theory has surfaced possibly for season 5 that flooding is next.

The meteor theory became increasingly likely, until eventually of course, it actually happened, damaging large portions of the map and allowing for repairs and changes to take place.

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Fans speculated that all sorts of potential hints had been laid out by Epic Games, developer of the game, including even controller vibrations translating into morse code.

So it is no secret then that Epic Games like to have some pretty intricate and thought out updates to the map, and there has certainly been a lot of mysterious and unexplained happenings recently.

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Notably, there are the additions of secret lairs, bunkers and vaults, and recently a mysterious countdown appearing on TV’s, which players are still unclear the meaning of.

This new theory comes from Reddit user u/MHC_Sweedee, and to summarize, it give some fairly convincing (albeit long winded) evidence that a portion of the map will be flooded, or otherwise destroyed, perhaps with a rocket.

It is a lengthy and detailed theory, but the main points come from the date of the winter solstice, which takes place on June 23rd, which is around the time the countdown in Fortnite ends.

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There is also a link to the Incan Empire and their common sacrifice of Llamas, and a myth which tells of a flood which all animals with the exception of a fox escape (there is a fox near wailing woods in Fortnite).

Finally, the theory suggests the the Carbide, Omega and Omen skins are all linked and are hints from the developers.

For a full understanding of the theory, you will need to read the full Reddit post itself, which you can find below.

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Let me explain. At tier 97 of the current Battle Pass, you unlock an emoticion called “celebration“. It shows some kind of mexican dude (at least thats what it looks like to me.). And at tier 87 you unlock the “squad leader“. If you look at the skin or his concept art loading screen, you can see that he has a tatoo, to me it looks like an incan symbol. As we know from season 3, emoticons and stuff might tease the next season. (In season 2 there is even a gas mask player icon–hint at the new skin?). So i decided to do a bit of research.

I looked at the german wikipedia article about incans.(I am austrian btw). And the more i read, the more stuff i found out. I have used google translator to show you the most important parts:

In the Andes each community, each tribe, had its own tradition, which derived its origin from a sacred place, a sacred star or a sacred animal.All Andean peoples worshiped the sun and moon as a fertile couple.The most important festival of the empire was the Inti Raymi, the winter solstice and the shortest day of the southern hemisphere on 23 June of a year.

This is already super interesting, because the 22/23 is just 3 days from now. And today i saw a post showing a countdownon the rocket. And it was 3 days long!

The fortune-telling had a crucial place in the Inca civilization. She was called before every action, and nothing important could be done without first catching up.

This might sound not very important at first, but if you think about the Omen skin this makes sense. The omen was part of the “overseer” set. And he is some kind of clairvoyant. His description says “Your victory has been foretold”. He also uses an “oracle axe”.

Prophecies were also made from the analysis of lungs daily in Cuzco sacrificed white llamas.On every important occasion a sacrifice was made. The most common animal sacrifice was a llama. At the end of the celebration of the Sun cult, many animal sacrifices were reported.

This part made is one of the most important ones, as it kinda creates the connection to Fortnite. We all know that the llama is the main animal of Fortnite.

According to the research of William Sullivan, at sunrise, on the winter solstice (= June 22), a bridge emerged between the horizon, the human world, and Mayu (“river”, Milky Way), the world of the gods. According to the myth, a llama announced a shepherd a flood in the constellation of the Lama, which corresponds to our constellation of Orion, before which he should bring with his flock on the mountain Vilcacoto, to safety.

Maybe the visitor is trying to connect the milky way or space to earth by launching the rocket on june the 22.

The annual disappearance of the Pleiades from the southern, nocturnal starry heavens and their reappearance after more than four weeks on June 8 was considered pachakuti because of its significant fluctuations, as an omen for an impending doomsday, a deluge.

Is the map beeing flooded? Or he is destroying something with the rocket???

According to the Andean myth, the Flood took place exactly at the time when the Pleiades, the Andean constellation of the fox, were seen again in the sky exactly four weeks before the winter solstice. According to legend, all animals fleefrom the rising tide, the fox, however, slips off, so that his tail gets wet, so his  (I think this should have been translated to tail.) is still black today.

Fox? Hmmmm, isnt there a fox near wailing woods? So maybe the right side of the map is beeing destroyed or flooded????

Three kilometers outside of Cuzco, in Kenko, two cylindrically shaped, closely spaced stones rise about 20 centimeters, which served as sightstones in the star observation, especially the Pleiades, of Alpha and Alpha Centauri.

Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet.Omega is the 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet. Omega is often used to indicate an end, and thus is the opposite of the beginning, the alpha.

Maybe Carbide is “Alpha”, beginning of season and “Omega” indicates the end of the season.

TLDR: Pls read the whole thing, thanks.

Thanks for reading the whole thing. Here is a heart for you ♥

Will the map be destroyed or flooded? Will we get some incan temples over the map, like we got the chinese things?

Maybe this has nothing to do with Fortnite i dunno. But so many coincidences are very unlikely, arent they?

“But hey, that’s just a theory, a game theory!”