Tfue slams Fortnite aim assist during first stream back on Twitch

Twitch star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney made his return to streaming on October 1, but was not happy about the current state of Fortnite’s aim assist system.

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The professional Fortnite player announced that he would be taking a break from streaming back in September, explaining that his previous schedule had taken a toll on his mental health.

Before his break, Tfue had often expressed his frustration with the popular battle royale game, even claiming that Fortnite was dying shortly after the BRUTE Mechs were introduced in Season X.

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EPIC GAMESTfue has returned to streaming after announcing his short break from Twitch.
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On his return to livestreaming on October 1, the Twitch star once again highlighted his disappointment with Epic Games’ gaming titan, claiming that the aim assist system was far too powerful.

“Aim assist is like people can have my tier of aim with no hard work, do you know what I’m saying?” explained Tfue. “I really didn’t think aim assist was that dumb broken. You’re getting top-level, top-tier aim with no hard work.”

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He then followed up by revealing how the controversial feature would greatly benefit those competing in Fortnite with controllers, such as NICKMERCS or Aydan: saying: “Like overall I don’t think it’s even that broken, it’s just these controller players can focus on strictly builds and edits, they don’t have to practice aim.”

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“My main time consumption when trying to get better as a player is practicing my aim, imagine if I didn’t have to ever practice that you know?”

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The popular streamer then displayed just how easy it could be to abuse the aim assist feature, loading into a game and making light work of his opponents while aggressively hunting around the map.

“Come on, who’s wants next? Where you at?” Tfue said, before sarcastically claiming aim assist make you better, “Wow I’m so f*cking talented honestly, all those days of Kovaak’s (aim training game) are just paying off dude, I’m so skilled.”

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Although Tfue has criticized the current state of the game, the streamer has become a major name in the world of gaming thanks to Fortnite, skyrocketing to the top of Twitch, while winning major prize money in competitive tournaments alongside former teammate Dennis ‘Cloak‘ Lapore. 

Tfue is not the first Fortnite personality to raise concerns about aim assist, as fellow streamers NICKMERCS and Ninja have gone back and forth over the feature.

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