Tfue discovers major shockwave grenade bug in Fortnite the hard way

Connor Bennett

Fortnite star Turner ‘Tfue‘ Tenney was left stunned by a strange bug as his Shockwave Grenade didn’t activate, leading him to an unfortunate death. 

Despite being one of the most popular games in the world, Fortnite Battle Royale is not invulnerable to bugs. Players have reported seeing enemies turn invisible in-front of their eyes and even having problems building in Season 10.

These errors don’t just affect casual players looking for a victory royale, however, as the top-level competitive players suffer issues too. Stars like Tfue have already made their concerns known about the frustrating BRUTE Mech, but when they’re not worrying about those vehicles, their attention switches to problems that deny them the chance to get one over on their fellow pros.

Tfue - YouTubeTfue is one of the most recognizable names in Fortnite but he isn’t averse to running into bugs.

During his August 9 broadcast, Tfue had been playing in Trios competition alongside duo partner Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore and Team Liquid’s Thomas ‘72hrs’ Mulligan. The team had been closing in on a win during a late-game moving and shrinking circle when they tried to navigate around gunfights without really trying to take anybody head-on. 

After picking up a sneaky elimination on an unaware player, Tfue attempted to shockwave grenade his way into the safe zone – but ran into some resistance from the grenade itself. His first attempt sent him hurtling into a pre-built structure outside of the circle, while the second didn’t activate at all. 

That left Tfue at the mercy of other players and ultimately led to death. “This shit didn’t fucking work. What the fuck,” he called out after punching his desk.

 “This game is so trash. It freezes and my shockwave doesn’t even activate bro,” Tfue said, frustrated, “this game is so dogshit.”

Members of his chat pointed out that the shockwave did activate, as the lines that appear on the ground when it explodes briefly showed up under Tfue. 

Regardless, it didn’t quite send him flying through the sky as it should have, showing that there might just be another problem for Epic Games to figure out ahead of their next update.

Despite the frustrating error, the former FaZe Clan star soldiered on with him stream for a little while longer, continuing the trios action without any more desk punches. 

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