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Tfue shows how insanely powerful grenades are in Fortnite Chapter 2

Published: 15/Nov/2019 11:27 Updated: 15/Nov/2019 11:28

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has demonstrated how perfecting the use of grenades in competitive can give players a huge leg up on their opponents – while leaving his Twitch fans wowed in the process.

With the start of Fortnite Chapter 2, Epic Games did away with a huge portion of the game’s old loot pool – limiting it to a few weapons and health items, while also introducing new looting mechanics like fishing and rarer chests. 

A number of classic weapons remained, as did the grey grenades that had been so prominent throughout the game’s first chapter. While they weren’t a huge part of the meta back then – regularly being swapped out for other items by players – they’ve become a mainstay for people’s loadouts in Chapter 2.


They’ve also shifted the meta in competitive play, with teams doing their very best to carry stacks in order to assault other teams with explosives – even though Epic has lowered the max stack from 10 to six.

YouTube: TfueThe popular Fortnite pro usually sets the trends for other pros.

That didn’t matter for Tfue, however, as he was able to make the six grenades count to his advantage while taking on other highly-skilled players.

During his November 14 stream, the Fortnite star demonstrated the effectiveness of top-level grenade placement by marking out where he wanted to aim and giving himself a higher platform. 

From there, Tfue launched all six grenades, taking down two dueling enemies with a few blasts and destroying any protection they had built. 


Now, adapting to the max grenade stack nerf is another accomplishment of sorts that he’s been able to tick off during Chapter 2, Season 1 – alongside finding three loot llamas before starting a match.

Of course, Epic Games use players like Tfue to monitor what needs balancing and what doesn’t, so there could be even more nerfs to grenades in the future if the developers update their Trello board.