Tfue claims he's "about to uninstall" Fortnite after BRUTE mech suit rage

Connor Bennett

Fortnite star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney was enraged so much by the brand new BRUTE mech suits that he claimed he is “about to uninstall” the battle royale title.

After weeks of waiting and rampant speculation, fans finally got their hands on Season X on August 1, as Epic Games embarked on one of the biggest changes in the game’s history. Aside from classic map changes and new weapons, the developers introduced the BRUTE vehicle –  a Mech with missiles, a shotgun, and 1000 health points – in the V10.00 update.

Fortnite players, professional and casual alike, have already made their opinions known about the new Mech – and they’re not particularly happy about it either. It’s even prompted Tfue to consider if he wants to carry on playing the battle royale – which takes some doing. 

Epic GamesThe brand new BRUTE mech has caused some controversy within the Fortnite community.

During his August 2 stream, the former FaZe Clan star had been dabbling in matches alongside duo partner Dennis ‘cloak’ Lepore and fellow streamer Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo, and searching for victory royales.

The trio seemed on the ropes in one game, with DrLupo being handed an elimination before they reached a top-five situation – and encountered a BRUTE. Tfue rained down bullets on the Mech, hoping to see it blow up – yet, it quickly turned its power on him 

“Oh my God,” moaned Tfue, after knocked out by the all-new BRUTE. “This game is so bad, bro. I’m about to just uninstall.” 

While he couldn’t help but rage when the Mech ruined him, Tfue also saw the funny side of things when Cloak was left reeling by one. 

The Fortnite star caught a glimpse of his duo partner doing battle with a BRUTE at Dusty Depot, before the vehicle destroyed part of the area with ease. While Cloak raged, seemingly slamming his desk, Tfue was left giggling uncontrollably while trying to speak. 

Regardless of finding it funny, it’s clear that players are not fans of these Mechs and will try their hand at forcing Epic to make a change, like how they did with a Infinity Sword, which was eventually removed after backlash.

Whether Epic listens  or not remains to be seen, but, considering the BRUTE played a big role in the pre-season X teasers, it is probably here to stay.

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