All Fortnite Season X map changes – Dusty Depot, Rift Zones, Wild West Tilted and more

Epic Games

As per previous seasons in Fortnite, Season 10 has brought some map changes — both big and small. We go through all of the changes to the Fortnite universe from the eagerly anticipated update.

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In a futuristic twist, Season 9 saw the addition of Neo Titled — a modern day metropolis that replaced Tilted Towers in the battle royale map. Further additions included the construction of Mega Mall and Power Plant, in a bid to restore the map in the wake of the carnage that materialized in Season 8.

Season 10 is no different, with the mysterious orb exploding at Loot Lake to cause plenty of changes around the Fortnite landscape. As teased in the trailers, long-term Fortnite fans will be pleased to see one iconic location return. 

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Epic GamesThe Cattus vs Doggus event left a strange orb at Loot Lake.
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Fortnite Season 10 map changes

As expected, Dusty Depot has returned to the map. After being destroyed by the meteor and replaced with Dusty Divot, the iconic three depot location has been fixed and is back ready for players to explore. 

As well as Dusty Depot, fans will be overjoyed to see the ‘OG factories’ – three buildings just on the outskirts of the Depot – also make an epic return after they were caught in the crossfire of the meteor strike.

EPIC GAMESDusty Depot has returned to Fortnite.
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Rift Zones

One of the new additions in Fortnite Season X is Rift Zones – caused by the orb at Loot Lake becoming unstable before it eventually exploded. These zones are set to alter point of interests in mysterious ways. As shown in the trailer, one way could be not allowing players to build, meaning you’ll have to rely on natural cover and gun skill to outwit your enemies.

The patch notes also hint that previously lost locations may also make a shocking return, meaning fans of the old Tilted Towers and Retail Row may finally get the chance to revisit some of the nostalgic locations in the future.

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EPIC GAMESSome Rift Zones won’t allow building or editing.
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Tilted Towers set to return – with a twist

Leakers have revealed that Tilted Towers is set to return to the Fortnite map at some point – but not as it once was. While the Neo Tilted location will be replaced, a wild west version of the old Tilted Towers will be present instead.

Found by @FortTory, it seems the current futuristic POI will slowly go back in time, drastically changing towards a wild west theme. 

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