TikTokers are mixing Sonic pickles and Dr Pepper in bizarre new drink trend

Lauren Lewis
Viral pickle Dr.Pepper trend

In a new viral trend that’s been circulating TikTok, people have come up with what might be the most bizarre food combination of 2024 – Sonic pickles and Dr Pepper.

Chances are if you’ve been scrolling through the app these last few weeks, you’ve come across a bulk of TikTokers making questionable food choices. At the start of May, people were eating whole lemons along with the peels in a trend that swept across the platform.

It turned out that the lemons came from a company called Lemon Snack, who specialize in producing a unique variety of lemons that are small, have low acidity, and feature an edible peel that is rich in antioxidants. They’re designed to be eaten whole as a snack – not at all like your regular grocery store lemon. 

But this new trend that’s making its rounds doesn’t have quite so reasonable an explanation. 

The first video came from MississippiMemaw, who could be seen driving to the Sonic drive-thru and ordering her bizarre pickle and Dr. Pepper creation, before giving a closeup of the concoction. “Don’t knock it until you try it,” she told viewers. 

It went on to gain over 3 million views, and oddly enough, others were eager to join in on the new trend. In a strange turn of events, the drink combination became super popular, suggesting that MississippiMemaw could have been correct. 

One woman who tried it said that it “tasted good,” but that it needed even more pickles before proceeding to load even more into her beverage. 

Another was super shocked after trying it, saying: “Oh my God, why does that work? Someone explain the science behind it.”

Some, however, weren’t so convinced. TikToker Chandler waited in line for ages to grab her beverage, only to be left feeling completely confused after sampling it. “I can taste the Dr. Pepper… I can taste the pickles… but together?” she said, totally baffled. 

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