Taco Bell’s Baja Blast Pie has customers stomaches “bubbling” after reveal

Lauren Lewis
Taco Bell PieInstagram: @Snackolator

After a photograph was shared showcasing a collab between Taco Bell and Baja Blast, people couldn’t wait to give their take on the unusual pie.

A food blogger who regularly posts content about some of the more unusual food collaborations, just shared a new partnership between Taco Bell and Baja Blast.

They were invited to the Live Mas event, where they got to sample some different dishes. One of these included a new Baja Blast flavored dessert.

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“The filling was a thicker, creamy Baja Blast flavored cream and it had that fruity taste that’s got those tropical notes and was topped with whipped cream,” they write

“I thought it was great – it’s very rich so smaller slices is probably a good thing, but it pairs well with Baja Blast and would be solid with some Baja Blast Gelato.”

According to the blogger, Taco Bell are eager to get this new creation to stores in the future. 

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People weigh in on Taco Bell Baja Blast Pie

After a photo of the pie in question was posted on Instagram, people were quick to share their thoughts surrounding the dessert. It seemed that according to feedback, the response was mainly negative. 

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“Is that lettuce shavings? Oh nah they can keep that,” one asked in response to the pie’s topping. 

“My stomach is bubbling,” another wrote, along with a crying emoji.

“Looking at this makes my stomach hurt,” one stated.

Another user, however, chided other commenters for being so negative, writing: “Just letting y’all know people like you guys are the reason we don’t get any of the good stuff the other countries get. Because they know Americans are picky and don’t like stuff, so just letting you guys know.”

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Indeed, a lot of the most sought-after fast food items from last year came from other countries. Take the Merry Cream Frappuccino released by Starbucks, for example.

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