TikTok reveals how to get discontinued Taco Bell at Walmart

Maddy Kinkead
Walmart storefront

A TikToker has revealed several fast food dupes that can be found at Walmart, including one for the discontinued Doritos Locos Cool Ranch Taco from Taco Bell.

The TikTok, posted by @morganchompz features Walmart’s chicken poppers acting as dupes for Sonic’s popcorn chicken, and Walmart’s own-brand mac and cheese being indistinguishable from Popeye’s famous cheesy side order.

But the hidden gem of this video is the dupe for a discontinued Taco Bell item.

According to Morgan, the Old El Paso zesty ranch taco shells are a dupe for Taco Bell’s discontinued Doritos Locos Cool Ranch Taco.

Of course, the taco shell is only just the start. When these tacos were first launched in 2012, they replaced a plain taco shell with fiery, nacho cheese, and cool ranch-flavored shells that tasted exactly like the iconic chip.

These tacos were so popular that the fast-food chain had to hire approximately 15,000 more people just to keep up with the demand. The tacos remained on the menu for seven years but, to the dismay of fans, were discontinued in 2019.

Have no fear though, because these Walmart dupes cost just over $3 for 10 shells, and have a slightly flatter bottom so you can squeeze even more ingredients in.

If you’d rather make them exactly like the Taco Bell offering, fill them with chili-seasoned beef, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, and a dollop of sour cream.

Taco Bell zesty ranch
These Taco shells are a perfect dupe for Taco Bell.

People in the comments were going crazy over this find, with someone commenting: “Love the ranch taco shells. Better than the Doritos Locos in my honest opinion.”

There are a slew of other comments like this, but one person ended up a little bit disappointed, saying: “This is how I find out Taco Bell discontinued the Doritos Locos…”

If you want to have the true Taco Bell experience, why not team the cool ranch tacos with a Cheez-It tostado from their latest release?

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