Taco Bell worker claims new menu item is “the best addition they’ve ever made”

Lauren Lewis
Taco Bell worker

A Taco Bell worker took to the platform to share what they say is the best-ever addition the fast food chain has made to its menu. 

Exciting news for fast food fans – this year, Taco Bell have announced that they’re adding eight new items to their existing menu

One of the items that has hit the menu is Cantina Chicken. This option will reportedly be featured in burritos, soft tacos, crispy tacos, chicken quesadillas, and chicken bowls.

A popular Taco Bell worker, Caleb, who regularly posts TikTok’s about his experiences working in the fast food industry, took to the platform to give his glowing verdict on the Cantina Chicken.

“Taco Bell has a brand new chicken, and it just may be the best addition they’ve ever made,” he says.

“Let’s go ahead and try this new chicken by itself with no sauce,” he said, taking a bite. “Oh, wow,” Caleb says, before taking another bite. “This actually tastes like barbecue chicken to me… kind of tastes like what a pulled pork sandwich tastes like, honestly.”

“I mean, it’s no competition. The new chicken is way better than the old chicken,” he states. 

After Caleb posted about the new menu addition, viewers also weighed in.

“I’m literally eating the Cantina taco now. Chicken was soft and the taste was accurate; avocado verde is a little spicy!” one said, agreeing with Caleb’s verdict. 

“I had the quesadilla today and it was really good. The salsa verde is also amazing! Really like the flavor!” another concurred. 

However, there were a few divisive comments underneath the post too, one of which read: “Personally I did NOT like the new chicken. It’s not at all tender, it’s dry and pretty flavorless overall.”

Another complained about the price, writing: “$9 for a single item at Taco Bell is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.”

In related news, an incident at Taco Bell went viral when a fight broke out and an employee hit a female customer.

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