KFC launching all-new Chicken Quesadilla to rival Taco Bell

Lauren Lewis
KFC Quesadilla

KFC is branching out from its regular crispy chicken game, and is testing an all-new Chicken Quesadilla set to rival Taco Bell. 

The Chicken Quesadilla is a staple of Taco Bell’s Mexican-themed menu, dating back to when the chain expanded its menu in 2001. It was first introduced as a promotional item but became so popular that it remained a permanent fixture. 

Since then, Taco Bell has branched out in many ways, even releasing its own version of chicken strips, which launched internationally in 2002. 

But Taco Bell isn’t the only fast food chain to breach new culinary territory. KFC is testing the waters with the release of its Chicken Quesadilla, which features KFC’s signature fried chicken, shredded in-house, gravy, a melted three-cheese blend, toasted and served with a choice of dipping sauce or hot sauce.

Honey BBQ nuggets KFC
KFC is also rivaling Wendy’s with its all-new Saucy nugget lineup

The new quesadilla comes in at 480 calories and will be sold at a suggested price of $4.49. A KFC Chicken Quesadilla Combo also comes with a side of your choice and a medium drink, and will be available for $8.49.

Unfortunately, the Chicken Quesadilla is still very much in the test phase, and is only being sold in select locations to gauge popularity. It is currently available at locations in Tennessee, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey – so be sure to call up your local KFC if you reside in any of these areas. 

KFC isn’t just taking on Taco Bell this year, as the chain is also proving to be a worthy match for Wendy’s.

Wendy’s just released their highly anticipated Saucy Nuggets, and in response, KFC brought out its own set of nuggets.

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