Taco Bell customer stunned after ‘messed up’ Doritos Locos order

Lauren Lewis
Man's viral Taco Bell order

A Taco Bell customer was stunned after revealing a ‘messed up’ Doritos Locos order, and it had people cracking up. 

Whether you’re ordering a soft or hard taco from Taco Bell, it’s universally agreed that the meat comes packaged neatly inside, all wrapped up and ready to chow down on. However, in a viral video that’s gained over two million views, a customer was stunned by the ‘messed up’ way a Taco Bell worker had prepared his order.

Instead of placing the meat inside where it’s supposed to be, we see a hard taco shell, with all of the meat outside of the casing. “Yo bro how do you mess up this bad?” the TikToker asked, showing off the Doritos Locos Taco he claimed he purchased from the popular fast food chain.

“They put it on the outside of the taco,” he said, before showing off the other taco’s he ordered, which seemed completely normal in comparison. 

After the video was posted, people couldn’t stop laughing over the mishap, writing: “They was in the clouds making that one,” one said while another wrote, “They were fried.”

“When you ask for everything on the side,” another quipped.

“He was doing his best,” another said of the employee. 

One TikToker, however, had a practical solution to the customer’s order, writing that they should: “Just break the shell and flip it around.”

A worker at Taco Bell also went viral, after they revealed the very best new menu item to order.

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