Dairy Queen launches new Blizzard that is a cookie lover’s dream

Maddy Kinkead
Dairy Queen Blizzard

Dairy Queen has launched an exciting treat, the Ultimate Cookie Blizzard. This dessert features Nutter Butters, Oreos, and Chips Ahoy! with DQ’s classic soft-serve ice cream.

This delectable treat that defies gravity is now available across Dairy Queen stores nationwide, and is a new addition to the Summer Blizzard Menu for 2024.

Unlike other Blizzard flavors that keep it fairly simple, this one combines a number of fan-favorite flavors into one unique dessert:

DQ fans were excited about this release after it was announced on TikTok, with one TikToker who reviewed the new blizzard noting, “The Ultimate Cookie Blizzard gets a 10/10.”

She also praised the fact that all three distinctive flavors come through, and that there are literal cookie dough pieces throughout the ice cream.

The University of Phoenix even chipped in, commenting that Dairy Queen is the “true queen of cookie blizzards (x3)”

Along with this new Blizzard to add to the Summer 2024 lineup, Dairy Queen is bringing back three fan-favorite flavors: brownie batter, frosted animal cookie, and cotton candy.

summer blizzard flavors at DQ
The Summer 2024 Blizzard lineup.

A medium Blizzard will cost you around $6 if you want a hefty treat, however, if you want to try this new dessert on a budget, simply download the Dairy Queen app.

They do weekly deals on desserts exclusive to their rewards members, including a $2.99 mini Blizzard on Wednesdays.

You’ll earn points every time you use your DQ Rewards app, and 500 points equate to a free Blizzard!

The DQ isn’t the only place unveiling new menu items this summer, Domino’s has come up with a bizarre pineapple stuffed crust pizza, and Taco Bell is serving food made with giant Cheez-Its.