Customers can time travel with this 1950’s McDonald’s location

Lauren Lewis
McDonald's vintage restaurant

One of the seven 1950s-themed McDonald’s to have opened in France, this franchise in Bordeaux sports a vintage look and feel. 

“Did you know there’s a vintage McDonald’s in Bordeaux?” The TikTok video from cocothetravellingsamoyed opened, revealing a bright red sign saying ‘McDonald’s McDrive.’ There’s an image of a 50s-style chef carrying a sign embellished on top. 

“It’s modeled after the original McDonald’s,” the creator revealed while showing the inside of the establishment which looks just like a retro diner, complete with a statue of a waitress holding a plate of food. 

They reveal that the original restaurant it’s based on opened back in 1955, and they ensured the place has the same nostalgic feel as it did back then. People can sit at their table and have fun flipping through a rolodex of music. 

On the outside, there’s a Ronald McDonald that you can take photos with, as well as a bright pink Cadillac. 

“The McDonald’s V-O is modeled on what is considered the Original McDonald’s opened by Ray Kroc in Des Plaines, Illinois McDonald’s in April 1955,” the caption read. 

“There’s even a Laguna Beach lifeguard stand at the entrance to the drive-thru paying homage to the actual very first McDonald’s that opened in California in the 1940s,” so customers can enjoy taking a step into the past. 

Despite its unusual appearance, this isn’t the only unique McDonald’s location that customers can visit. 

Back in June, people were amazed after a TikToker revealed a video of herself visiting the one and only McDonald’s McMansion, and it came complete with a grand staircase and chandeliers. 

In addition to this, a little-known location in San Bernardino, California has a McDonald’s museum full of memorabilia including news articles, photographs, menus, straws, cups, an old ketchup dispensing gun, a vintage copy of the McDonald’s menu, and much more. 

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