Final Fantasy XVI sword to be displayed at the Tower of London

Rishabh Sabarwal
Royal Guards next to Clive's sword from Final Fantasy XVI

A replica of Clive’s sword from the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI is now on display at the Tower of London.

Growing anticipation surrounds Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI, which is set to launch this week on June 22nd for the PS5.

Set in the fantastical land of Valisthea, the latest installment follows the six nations vying for control with the help of mystical crystals and their respective Dominants, human beings who serve as hosts for their own Eikon. As the Blight slowly destroys the world’s land, tensions between nations only rise.

The player assumes the role of Clive Rosfield, guardian to his younger brother Joshua, who is quickly set out on a journey for vengeance against the evil Eikon Ifrit.

Together with the Royal Armouries, Square Enix will showcase a replica of Clive’s sword at the Tower of London as part of a marketing push for the game.

Final Fantasy XVI Sword held by guards in front of Tower of London
It is the first time a sword created from a videogame has ever been housed in the Royal Armouries alongside armor once owned by Kings.

Final Fantasy XVI sword on display at Royal Armouries exhibition in the Tower of London

At the Royal Armouries Exhibition in the Tower of London, fans of the Final Fantasy series will have a unique opportunity to see a real-life replica of a weapon from the next FFXVI title.

The INVICTUS sword that Clive uses in Final Fantasy XVI is on display in the White Tower, the most infamous castle keep in the world, in the core of the Tower of London, until July 19, 2023. During this time, everyone with a valid ticket to the Tower of London will be able to see the sword up close and personal.

Final Fantasy XVI Clive's Sword Close-Up
The INVICTUS was crafted by renowned swordsmith, Tod Todeschini after SQUARE ENIX put him to the challenge.

Over the course of several months, master swordsman Tod Todeschini painstakingly replicated every last feature of Clive Rosfield’s sword using a wide range of metalworking techniques to make it look exactly like it is in the game. Each of the sword’s three pieces were forged from a unique combination of materials utilizing a combination of time-honored methods and cutting-edge technology.

On the launch, the Keeper of Tower Armouries Emma Mawdsley commented, “It’s thrilling to see the historic art form of sword crafting continue to thrive in the videogame space, and what better way to celebrate this than by displaying this exclusive sword from Final Fantasy XVI alongside the Royal Armouries collection of arms and armour”.

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