Final Fantasy XVI teaser gives closer look at world of Valisthea

Final Fantasy 16 logoSquare Enix

Ahead of Final Fantasy XVI’s June 22 release date, Square Enix graced players with another short teaser of the visually beautiful world of Valisthea.

Announced in 2020, Final Fantasy XVI takes place in Valisthea, a location in the middle of the two continents, Ash and Storm. Developers took inspiration from medieval Europe to create the upcoming game’s setting.

Square Enix added to the hype surrounding the RPG by displaying Final Fantasy XVI’s various environments, including cliffs and waterfalls. If players weren’t convinced before to buy the next FF installment, the recent preview might have changed their minds.

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Square Enix hyped Final Fantasy XVI’s imminent launch date

An image of official Final Fantasy XVI artwork.Square Enix
Final Fantasy XVI is one of the most highly anticipated upcoming JRPGs of 2023.

The official Twitter account for Final Fantasy XVI posted the two-minute video featuring many of the game’s spectacular towns and landscapes. The clip included protagonist Clive Rosfield traveling through different areas like jungles and deserts.

In reaction to the gorgeous teaser, many users praised Final Fantasy XVI’s visuals.

Video game composer alex_moukala wrote, “Freaking incredible from every point of view.”

On the contrary, ParadigmCityy shared a clip of Mugman maniacally laughing in The Cuphead Show! “You’re really going to make me buy a PS5 for one video game?” they asked.

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Initially, fans assumed they would receive a PC version of Final Fantasy XVI after six months of PlayStation 5 exclusivity. As revealed by Naoki Yoshida’s comments, that appeared to be no longer the case.

Despite the ongoing challenge of purchasing the console, the RPG’s director and producer had a simple suggestion. Yoshida encouraged players to “buy a PlayStation 5” instead of waiting for a nonexistent FFXVI PC port.

Apart from the jaw-dropping graphics, Square Enix introduced an action-oriented combat system. This differed from the series’ previous turn-based strategies.

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On the topic of the sudden transition, Yoshi-P revealed the combat change was a financial decision to better gear toward younger audience members.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on the PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023, and players can’t wait to see how the game measures up to its worthy predecessor.

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