FFXIV devs give out free game time to apologize for Dawntrail launch issues

Liam Ho
Urianger in Final Fantasy XIV DT

Final Fantasy XIV developers have announced they’ll be issuing players free game time of up to eight days to make up for issues that occurred upon the launch of the new Dawntrail expansion.

The arrival of Dawntrail has been a relatively smooth experience for most Final Fantasy XIV players. It did see an expected amount of queues to hop into the game, but there were very few bugs and issues that prevented the community from experiencing all the new content.

Xbox users did face some challenges when it came to the launch, however, with a nasty bug that would freeze players when transitioning between areas.

Final Fantasy XIV underwent maintenance to address these issues for Xbox players, and as such, the devs are handing out free game time to those impacted to apologize for the inconvenience.

FFXIV Kozamauka Zone
Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail expansion sees you explore the new world of Tural.

As announced in a blog post on July 5, 2024, the devs will be granting players various amounts of play time depending on what console they play on.

As Xbox players were the most affected by the issues, the devs are granting them a total of eight free days of game time. These will be handed out starting on July 10 and will take around two to three days to be fully issued.

Players on PC and PlayStation are also getting some compensation with two free days of game time. These will be handed out at the same time as the Xbox game time, and will also take a few days to be fully processed.

You won’t need to do anything to grab this free game time either. It will automatically be added to your account, letting you grind out more of the main scenario quests at your own leisure.

It’s worth noting that the issues currently facing Xbox players have yet to be fully resolved, but the devs are well aware of the issues, being a “top priority fix” addressed by their engineers.