FFXIV devs rush to fix exploit with Dawntrail’s second extreme trial

Liam Ho
FFXIV Gulool Ja Ja and Meteor

The devs of Final Fantasy XIV have stated they’re working on a fix for Dawntrail’s second extreme trial after a bug was found that allowed people to cheese the encounter.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail has been out for a couple of days now, with many players finishing up with the main story questline and moving on to other content. One such content for many higher-end players is the extreme trials that become available after you clear the story.

These extreme trials are a step up from the normal level of content in the game, being completely optional and awarding players with gear and the chance at a fancy new mount.

As the most difficult content in the game currently, many players are hopping in to give it a go, and others are looking to gear up for the savage tier dropping later down the line. However, an exploit has been discovered for the second extreme, which the devs are rushing to fix.

FFXIV Meteor
Players will need to complete the MSQ of Dawntrail before taking on the extreme trials.

As detailed in a notice on July 3, the devs are identifying the cause of the issue, and are “working to correct it with the highest priority.”

The issue relates to the game’s second extreme trial, where a debuff granted to players is disappearing without activating, allowing players to cheese the mechanic, bypassing it completely.

“During one of the Trials added in Patch 7.0, the debuff that is supposed to be granted when the boss uses the action “Projection of Turmoil” disappears without activating properly when the effect time ends.”

This cheese strategy has swiftly become one of the go-to ways of clearing the fight, as it’s far easier than solving the actual mechanic itself. However, with the implementation of a fix later down the line, it’s likely players will need to correctly solve all mechanics if they want a chance to grab their loot.