Everything coming in FFXIV Patch 6.5 Growing Light: New MSQ, dungeon, trial, & more

Liam Ho
FFXIV Island SanctuarySquare Enix

Patch 6.5 of FFXIV titled Growing Light will bring new MSQ, a dungeon, a trial, and much more content before the release of the next major expansion.

It’s an exciting time to be a Final Fantasy XIV player. Over the weekend of Fan Fest, we were treated to huge news about the final after-patch of Endwalker and the coming expansion Dawntrail.

Whilst Dawntrail is still some time away, players will be treated to Patch 6.5 while they wait. Titled Growing Light, the patch will continue the main story questline into the void and will lead up to the next adventure in Dawntrail. Alongside this, there will be plenty of new content for players to partake in.

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When is Patch 6.5 for FFXIV?

Growing Light has been confirmed for Early October 2023. We don’t yet have concrete dates for when the patch will drop, but more information will likely be released with another Letter from the Producer.

Additionally, Patch 6.55 will release with further story quests and updates, and will drop Mid-January 2024.

FFXIV Patch 6.5 Contents

New MSQ: Growing Light Part 1

As per usual, the MSQ will continue in Patch 6.5. The update will likely continue on the story of the Void and saving Azdaja from Golbez. Patch 6.5 will continue the after-patch MSQ and lead up towards the start of Dawntrail.

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FFXIV Growing Light MSQ Ryne and Zero in CrystariumSquare Enix
It looks like we’ll be returning to the Crystarium with our new friend Zero.

Additionally, Patch 6.5 will have two parts of MSQ, with the second part of the story coming in Patch 6.55.

New Dungeon: The Lunar Subterrane

A new dungeon will also be arriving in Patch 6.5. Like the previous Endwalker after patches, this will be a part of the MSQ and take place on the 13th’s Moon.

The Lunar Subterrane in FFXIVSquare Enix
The newest dungeon in FFXIV seems to take place on the 13th’s Moon.

New Trial: The Abyssal Fracture

The MSQ will also include a trial that comes in both normal and extreme versions. This boss fight sees the Warrior of Light take on Zeromus, who was recently summoned by Golbez in Patch 6.4.

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The Abyssal Fracture in FFXIV Patch 6.5Square Enix
The Warrior of Light will take on Zeromus in the newest trial The Abyssal Fracture.

New Alliance Raid: Thaleia

The Myths of the Realm Alliance raid series is being continued and completed in Patch 6.5. This final alliance raid will conclude the storyline of the Endwalker alliance raids. Once again players will take on their gods in a showdown for the ages, adventuring through their mysterious realms.

FFXIV Alliance Raid ThaleiaSquare Enix
Take on the gods once more in the newest Alliance Raid Thaleia.

New Unreal Trial: The Singularity Reactor (Unreal)

Take down Thordan once more in a scaled-up version of their extreme fight for level 90 players. This activity will be for Faux Hollows, which grants players various rewards.

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The Singularity Reactor Unreal in FFXIVSquare Enix
Revisit Thordan and his knights for rewards in The Singularity Reactor (Unreal).

New Variant and Criterion Dungeon: Aloalo (Patch 6.51)

A new variant and criterion dungeon will be added in Patch 6.5. This will be the third released variant dungeon, which allows players to pick their own path, affecting which boss they face off and their story.

FFXIV V and C Dungeon AloaloSquare Enix
Forge your own path in the third Variant Dungeon Aloalo.

PvP Crystalline Conflict Update

PvP for Final Fantasy XIV will also be receiving some updates in the form of Crystalline Conflict. Crystalline Conflict is a 5v5 mode that involves pushing a crystal to one side of the map. Players can engage in normal and ranked with this mode for rewards including transmogrification and mounts.

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Crystalline Conflict Map in FFXIVSquare Enix
Take on other players in Crystalline Conflict on the new map The Red Sands.

Island Sanctuary Update

The Island Sanctuary will also be receiving some new updates. This Animal Crossing-eqsue feature sees players create the island of their dreams. The update will include new sanctuary ranks and visions, a new gathering area, and new materials, items crops, and more.

Final Fantasy XIV Island SanctuarySquare Enix
Tame your very own Morbol in your Island Sanctuary, just be careful of its Bad Breath.

Alongside this, Patch 6.5 will launch Felicitous Favors, which will issue individualized requests for players to produce, fulfilling these requests will grant tokens for exclusive rewards.

Fall Guys Collaboration

One of the least likely collaborations to happen, but Final Fantasy XIV and Fall Guys will be having a crossover. In Final Fantasy XIV, this will come in the form of new jumping puzzles in the Golden Saucer.

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FFXIV x Fall Guys CollabSquare Enix
Hop skip and jump over to the Golden Saucer to try the new Fall Guys-inspired jump quests.

The devs have confirmed that this will launch in Patch 6.5X, meaning it will release sometime after the main patch.

Free Trial Expansion

The biggest meme of Final Fantasy XIV is receiving an update. Now the free trial for the MMORPG reaches beyond the Heavensward expansion and now includes the Stormblood DLC. This includes the two new jobs of Samurai and Red Mage, as well as a higher level cap of 70.

FFXIV Stormblood FreeSquare Enix
Stormblood will also be included in the free trial come Patch 6.5.

All of this will be available to free trial players with no restriction on their playtime.

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Endwalker Tribal Alliance Quests (Patch 6.55)

The Endwalker Tribes are getting together to host their own alliance quests. These quests can only be completed if the player has finished the storyline for the Arkasodara, Omicron, and the Loporrits.

FFXIV Endwalker Tribal Alliance QuestsSquare Enix
The tribes are coming together for their own alliance quests in Patch 6.5.

Tataru’s Grand Endeavour Continues (Patch 6.55)

Tataru’s Grand Endeavour will be continuing in Patch 6.55. Not much is known about what this may entail as the devs have avoided any form of spoilers.

Tataru's Grand EndeavourSquare Enix
Tataru’s Grand Endeavour is continuing in Patch 6.5.

Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures and Further Manderville Weapons (Patch 6.55)

The Hildibrand questline continues once more with Patch 6.55. Alongside this, we’ll also be receiving new relic weapons for players to admire once they’ve completed the Hildibrand quests.

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Hildibrand Questline FFXIVSquare Enix
The Hildibrand Questline will continue once more with Patch 6.5.

Splendorous Tools (Patch 6.51)

Crafters and Gatherers will be treated to a new set of tools come Patch 6.51. These new tools are similar to relic weapons and will provide a high benefit to those interested.

Splendorous Tools in FFXIV Patch 6.5Square Enix
Gatherers and Crafters will receive their next relic tool with Patch 6.51.

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