Every Ranged DPS change coming to FFXIV: Dawntrail

Liam Ho
Phys Range DPS FFXIV

Dawntrail for Final Fantasy XIV is shaping up to deliver a heap of new changes to the jobs. Including a new level cap of 100, here’s what we know about the updates coming to the physical ranged DPS role in the expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail will bring a heap of new content to the decade-old MMO. From new main story quests to new locations to new jobs and much more, there’s so much to look forward to with its release.

Included in the expansion is an increased level cap of 100, which sees all the jobs gain new abilities and actions to meet the new enemies.


Similar to the Melee DPS, Phys Ranged jobs will receive a buff to their Second Wind’s healing potency. Their party-wide damage reduction abilities are also receiving a buff, increasing to 15% from the previous 10%.


Bard is receiving some quality-of-life updates that will change their songs Mage’s Ballad, Army’s Paeon, and Wanderer’s Minuet to buffs instead. This means you won’t need to target any enemy to cast your songs, making them better in downtime phases.

Pitch Perfect is also being changed into an AoE attack, to make it easier to use against multiple enemies.


Machinist’s Barrel Stabilizer will no longer increase the Heat Gauge by 50, and will instead allow the execution of Hypercharge. This is to prevent players from overcapping their heat, making the class more forgiving overall.

Drill is also receiving two charges in Dawntrail, allowing Machinist to pump out more damage.


Dancer will be getting a new action that can be executed after Flourish. On top of that, a new spell that consumes Espirit can be executed after Technical Finish is completed will join their arsenal.

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