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Wild FIFA 22 goalkeeper glitch makes them twerk after a save

Published: 15/Nov/2021 18:17

by David Purcell


EA SPORTS have patched some strange glitches for FIFA 22 and previous games, but this might be the craziest. Goalkeepers have started twerking. 

Before loading into a match on Career Mode, Kick-Off, and other modes, you’re given the chance to do some training before the whistle blows.

This is a great opportunity to practice some shooting, passing, tackling, or even testing your goalkeeper.

However, now it seems as if some goalies have started to warm up for the game, by twerking. (Yes, you read that right).

FIFA 22 goalkeepers
Did you ever expect to see goalkeepers twerking in FIFA 22? Neither did we.

FIFA 22 twerking glitch surfaces

There’s already a boatload of celebrations to choose from in FIFA 22, all of which come with clear controls. Though, for this one, it’s just automatic and definitely not intentional.


On November 15, one player posted a really strange clip to the FIFA subreddit, showing their goalkeeper with the ball in their hand.

After making a save, they lower their knees on the spot and start to perform one of the world’s most famous – and suggestive – dance moves. The FIFA 22 twerk celebration was born!

Twerking GK. Was practicing dribbles while all of a sudden from FIFA

The comments to the post were as funny as the video itself, as well. A user said: “GK throwing it back instead of forward,” while another posted: “Yeah go on ‘keeper, drop it like it’s hot.”

One other player suggested he’s dancing to one of the game’s playlist songs, writing: “Sometimes I think about you, late night in the middle of June.”


Whether this is a widespread issue, or if EA deems it impactful enough, to be fixed in the next gameplay update remains to be seen. Until then, shake it.