Viral FIFA 22 TikTok reveals best camera settings for FUT Champs

David Purcell
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EA SPORTS has included a number of FIFA 22 camera settings, all of which will have their pros and cons for Ultimate Team players. If you’re looking for a shakeup, thankfully this TikTok has got all of the answers. 

FUT Club owners compete on a weekly basis in a handful of competitive Ultimate Team competitions, earning rewards in Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and FUT Champions Weekend League – if they’re good enough.

Playing against some of the best players in the game can be tough at the best of times, but marry that challenge with an awful set of camera settings and you’ll be in real trouble.

Not everybody is convinced the default settings are the way to go this year, and one TikTok explaining a perfect method has gone viral.

FIFA 22 best camera settings revealed on TikTok

Trent Alexander-Arnold in FIFA 22
Picking the best FIFA 22 camera settings will give you the edge.

A video, posted by user juniorhobogaming – who previously revealed some insane tactical secrets – seems to have cracked the code.

The big disadvantage many angles give players is when they can see one side of the pitch (usually the nearest) a lot better than the opposite side. As a result, this can make offensive plays and patterns of play look a lot more predictable if you’re relying on one flank over the other.

However, this TikTok gives a lot more visibility and has proved to be insanely popular, racking up over 59,000 likes on the platform.

If the TikTok does not load below, click here.

What’s the best?

The best FIFA 22 camera settings, according to the user, is Co-Op with the following modifications:

  • Height: 0
  • Zoom: 0

How to change FIFA 22 camera settings

In FIFA 22 there are a lot of different camera setting options to pick from, and you can actually split this up mode by mode.

To apply these specific modifications, though, you’re going to want to select the height and zoom, before applying that to multiplayer, offline, and all other modes.

This will mean no matter which game you’re hopping into, whether it’s Pro Clubs or FUT Champs, you will be equipped for battle.