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RunTheFUTMarket reveals handy FIFA 21 tips to win more FUT Champs games

Published: 4/Nov/2020 20:59

by Alex Garton


Winning FUT Champ games in FIFA 21 without using the meta formations and strategies can be difficult, but YouTuber RunTheFUTMarket has revealed some great tips to help you do just that. 

It’s been nearly a month since the release of FIFA 21 and players are finally getting to grips with the changes made in this year’s title.

Out of everything in FIFA 21, the weekly FUT Champions Weekend League is one of the most popular modes in the community, giving players of all skill levels the opportunity to compete for rewards across a period of 30 matches.

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The FUT Champions event takes place every weekend.

Players are looking to grasp every possible advantage to win their FUT Champions games. Unfortunately, that means a lot of players are opting to play the meta formations and maintain a lot of depth. For players who do not like to play in this manner, it can be difficult to compete against this style of play.


A recent video released by RunTheFUTMarket has revealed some great tips to help players win more FUT Champions games whilst maintaining their own style of play.

RunTheFUTMarket’s tips For FUT Champions

The first tip he recommends is for players to find a formation that works for them: “Find a formation that works for you, then start to understand what can I do in this formation to limit my counter-attacks and increase my attacks.”

This is a basic one but it’s definitely important for improving in FUT Champs. There’s no point playing a style of FIFA you dislike, try out new formations and tactics to figure out which style you prefer. This is a process that may take some time but is definitely worth it in the long run.


Of course, it’s important to try out these formations in friendlies and not in competitive modes so you can find your feet. Building up your confidence and practice with a certain formation is the best way to improve.

Practising a formation in friendlies is the best way to build up your confidence.

Next, the YouTuber stresses the importance of not losing the ball in the middle of the pitch. “You don’t want to lose the ball with your center-mids because counter-attacks are so important this year, don’t lose the ball in a scenario where you’re going to be 3v3 or 2v3.”

In FIFA 21, counter-attacks are difficult to thwart once they have begun. Recognizing their danger and making the effort to avoid losing the ball with your midfielders is sure to stop you from conceding as many goals.


Finally, Nick emphasizes the importance of tactics in FIFA 21: “This year, in my opinion, is the most tactical FIFA we’ve ever had ever, I really suggest that when you guys are playing and your formation is not clicking, go to the menu, then the squad screen and understand what your opponent is playing.”

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each formation is key in making tactical changes mid-game.

Once you’ve analyzed what your opponent is trying to do with their formation, you can make the necessary changes to counter their strategy. The key is to be versatile with your tactics and be able to adapt depending on your opponent’s strategy. This comes with understanding each formation alongside their strengths and weaknesses.


He rounds off his tips and tricks with a reminder to use manual defending; although the AI in FIFA 21 good, directly controlling your defenders will always be more effective.