How to use EA Connection Quality feature for FIFA 21

. 2 years ago
FIFA Connection Quality
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EA has announced the launch of Connection Quality, a new service that aims to explain to FIFA players how their internet connection is affecting their experience

The FIFA community has been vocal about the connection problems that the new title has faced, especially since the release of Update 5 on the 11th of November.

Released the day after the update, Connection Quality provides players with data regarding their internet connection, displaying the levels of Ping, Jitter, and Packet Loss of the players’ internet connection.

The service requires users to sign in with their EA accounts before providing them with a “Connection Score.”

Connection Score (a numerical rating up to 100) summarizes the performance of the user’s internet connection using data from their FIFA 21 matches, taking the metrics mentioned above into consideration.

“This allows for an easier understanding of the relevant Connection Quality, as well as for easier comparisons between two different measurements of Connection Quality.” Explains the EA Help post.

EA Connection Quality
EA Help
The score is compared to others in your area

Interestingly, Connection Quality also provides users with a useful comparison with the highest performing ISP connection in your area.

This service is specifically made to improve the experience of FIFA 21 players and will take into account all online matches in FIFA, FUT, Pro Clubs, and even VOLTA!

Connection Quality also provides you with a match history that provides information about the performance of your internet connection during each individual match.

Players have met this announcement coldly, with most stating that the tool is inaccurate and is a way to shift the blame of the game’s bad performance from EA to the users.

Connection Quality Response
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Not everyone thinks this will solve the connectivity problems

While Connection Quality might not appear as the immediate solution to the connectivity problems in FIFA 21, it will allow EA to gather data about the internet performance of its users in order to improve their systems.

It is also important to understand that the service is still in beta, meaning its functionality and performance will be improving in the coming months.

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